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Concrete BC currently represents over 65 concrete producers operating more than 120 plants in the province and approximately 72 supplier members to the industry.

Formed in 1962, Concrete BC’s objectives are to:

  • Present industry view to government, both proactively and in response to government proposals. Concrete BC policies can help mitigate potential and negative impacts and promote benefits for both industry and government.
  • Inform you, the Member, about market trends, regulations and programs that will affect your business and help you to prepare for change and to seize new business opportunities.
  • Expand the market for ready-mixed concrete in British Columbia, and position concrete in the minds of consumers, government and contractors as the best building material for sustainable construction.


YPCR's a fun, energetic group that cares about the success of our members and our community. Join us and build your profile, your career, obtain exposure for your business and make some friends!

Check out our FAQ if you have questions about joining. Frequent questions include:

How much does it cost to join?

Our memberships start at $150 for a full year. If you are a member with us for over a year, then congrats, your membership fees go down over time!

What do I get if I join?

Aside from joining the best community group in Campbell River, you get:

  • A member profile on our website
  • Discounted prices (and sometimes completely free!) at certain events throughout the year
  • The ability to vote at our Annual General Meeting
  • Opportunities to network / expand community
  • Opportunity to host an event and share you expertise

Ducks Unlimited Canada is a passionate community of people who believe that nature is the foundation of strong communities, a prosperous economy and a sustainable future that supports the hopes and dreams of the next generation. Together, we conserve and restore some of the most valuable and threatened landscapes on the planet.

267 Community Futures organizations is comprised of over 3,000 volunteers and more than 1,300 staff, and touches virtually every community across Canada, outside of the large metropolitan areas.

Since our establishment in 1985, we have focused our efforts on helping to start and grow successful businesses and, through a wide variety of community economic development initiatives, we have helped to develop stronger, more vibrant and sustainable communities in the regions we serve.

Community Futures Strathcona has disbursed $45 Million to over 965 small businesses in the Comox Valley and Strathcona Regional Districts. These investments have benefited the local economy by fostering the creation and or maintenance of 3,700 jobs together with improving diversity among the small business community through our support of start-ups.

We are proud of the work that we do and we are pleased to see the positive impact a small organization such as ours can have in our community by simply providing a little encouragement and financial assistance to entrepreneurs willing to incur the risk of operating a small business; they deserve our support and we are glad that we can assist.

When it comes to giving back to the community, any action big or small can make a difference – but sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. There are so many worthy causes in need of help.

As leaders in our community, the Campbell River Community Foundation (CRCF) supports non-profit organizations in areas of art, culture, education, youth, health, seniors, vulnerable groups, and the environment. We also guide people on their path to personal philanthropy by connecting them with causes that are important to them, helping them leave their lasting legacy. This in turn helps Campbell River become a healthier, more vibrant, and livable community.