Are You a Builder or Developer?


Are you a developer looking for some help to sell your new construction homes? We have a plan for you! We are able to draw on our experience to help market and increase foot traffic through your innovative creations which will lead to a happy customer base.


Our Services


Benefit from our positive working relationships with other realtors in the industry

Have us perform a comprehensive Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) of your area

Gain insight and understanding of current market conditions and trends in real estate

Utilize our step-by-step process to prepare your development for listing

Take advantage of our paid-for professional photos and videos of your development

We customize specific marketing strategies to hit particular target base clients

Use our social media following and marketing strategies to increase foot traffic

Receive timely and critical feedback from showings

Watch us successfully employ negotiation strategies and counter-offers

We pride ourselves on timely communication of offers, counter-offers and information

In our community we are trusted business professionals outside of real estate

References available from life clients which affirm our approach and style

We uphold your confidentiality and privacy for a lifetime

Consider us in representing your development. We understand business outside of real estate, and hope to use our reputation, experience, and insight to enhance your company's real estate goals.